The Greybirds are a band from Asheville, NC. The sound is comprised of two lead harmony vocals, Wurlitzer keyboard, upright bass, two guitars, drums. There are fingerprints of Rock & Roll, the common language of Folk, instrumentation of Early American Roots music, with a focus on vibe, dynamics, and lyricism.

The Greybirds began as a songwriting partnership between two seasoned musicians: Ryan Price (vocals, guitar) and Amanda Neill (vocals, keys). Both spent years in bands, Neill with projects in Nashville & New York, and Price in Seattle. But neither was able to find the sound they were searching for until they found one another. That elusive sonic identity was completed with the addition of ace players, Patton Cardwell (guitar), Tim Comstock (bass), and Travis McCann (drums).

Over the past year, The Greybirds have made a splash with performances at venues such as The Grey Eagle, Isis Music Hall, Atlanta’s SoFar Sounds, Open Folk Songwriter Showcase, and Hendersonville's Rhythm & Brews Festival.

"In a time when the world seems so troubled, this music & dynamic sound help level out what’s going on… There’s times when singers get together and the blend of voices is hauntingly transforming. Think Mandolin Orange, think Emmylou meets Gram, Johnny meets June, George meets Tammy, and so on.”
— David Boughner of Roadmaster Stage Presents, Black Mountain, NC.”