"One of the most memorable nights I've ever had at the Grey Eagle!  I had to duck down in the booth to wipe tears from my eyes from the overwhelming emotion I felt from the incredible music and harmonies.  I look forward to working more with The Greybirds in the future.  They are one amazingly well put together group of musicians!"   -  Andy Eubanks, Sound Engineer - The Grey Eagle Music Hall


"In a time when the world seems so troubled, this music & dynamic sound help level out what’s going on… There’s times when singers get together and the blend of voices is hauntingly transforming. Think Mandolin Orange, think Emmylou meets Gram, Johnny meets June, George meets Tammy, and so on.”  - David Boughner of Roadmaster Stage Presents, Black Mountain, NC


 “I am fan #1 of the Greybirds.  I have had my hands in music since 1965… I have experienced the depths of human/musical  wonderlands from the ‘just gotta dance’ to ‘hands held high’ adoration. Over the years I have come upon some very special portals... brightly lit, beaming rays of pure spender, heart quickening waves of joy, and release. My friends, The Greybirds are such a portal...they are true Spirit and it does my heart good. 
- Billy Bober, Hendersonville, NC


"You may remember ‘Music From Big Pink.’ Now it would be wise to know ‘Doe Branch.’ "
- Doug Spires, Marshall, NC